“X” – The Lost Generation 


The Lost Generation is a story that began as a class project. It soon grew into something spectacular that became much more than a class trying to get a good grade. “X” – “The Lost Generation” is a documentary that tells the stories of students who are the prodigies of parents who abused drugs. It points the audience to the effects that the crack epidemic had on us, the “X” generation.This class project allowed us, as a group of students, to look at our lives differently. It took what we have become accustomed to, what we perceive as normal, and opened our eyes to reveal that there is something different out there for us. We have come to realize that we are more than just a roman-numeral letter that symbolizes our generation.


The documentary looks at the stories of students (us) and shows that we are more alike than different: That we are not the only ones affected by the war on crack. We persevered to find a way to show people that we, the products of "the lost generation", will not stay hidden. Nor will we be just a statistical notation in the war on drugs. We are determined to prove that we will overcome the hurdles that were set in front of us by our mothers, fathers, or relatives who abused drugs.