Why We Do What We Do.......

The RPCard Foundation Plan - Why We Do What We Do...


The RPCard Foundation Plan

The RPCard Foundation mantra states that “Education is ongoing.” While we hold to this belief we also feel that preparation for higher education and career goals is ongoing.  What this means is that high school students must be given the tools and encouragement to pursue academic excellence in the early stages of their high school experience.  Providing scholarships to minority students who desire to go to college and pass the SAT is a wonderful undertaking.  We, at The RPCard Foundation, applaud the many foundations that provide scholarship dollars for minority students to attend a college or university of their choice. However, we feel a need to take a more drastic – high level – approach to ensure minority high school students desiring to pursue post high school education challenges are up to the task and measure up to the forthcoming and rigorous  academic standards.  

At The RPCard Foundation we strive for and promote preparedness: in other words, we feel Foundation dollars would be better utilized by offering assistance to school administrations to identify and track selected student through their academic journey starting with their entry into HS through pre-graduation. Participating schools would select students based on specific criteria (to be determined) and track each student’s progress at each level of his/her HS journey.


Annual Donors Are Our V.I.P's!

The Black Card Members of the RPCard Foundation are dedicated, elite, philanthropic public and private annual donors.  

  • $199.00 !00% tax deductible gift provides unique/solid funding and an ogoing financial partnership/membership.

Black Card Members receive actual metal cards with their embossed names identifying them as idividuals true to the RPCard mission, vision and goals.



  • Tax Exempt Donaton

  • Membership Appreciation Certificate

  • V.I.P Access/Behind the velvet Rope

  • Recognition at all events

  • Private invitations to Celebrity Meet & Greets

  • First to receive announcements and news regarding upcoming fundraisers, symposiums , new member recognition and more.

  • Invitation to all Photographs|Autographs

  • Seating for Black Card Members is ALWAYS premiere, roped and within the red rope and V.I.P designated section.

  • The Member with most referrals will accompany the Foundation to Press events|Marketing Comercials on radio|tv|other social media.

  • Antonio Fargas has received our very 1st RPCard Black Card.

  • Join us to meet our other elite members and show your dedication to the success of helping minority students pursue their education.


We Need Your Help!

The RPCard Foundation will link with other like minded foundations to provide dollars to hire and maintain full-time counselors. These counselors along with each student’s teachers and parents will provide academic guidance to ensure each student is moving toward the goals needed to meet the rigorous standards being developed for entry to college; especially math and reading. 


This includes ensuring students receive tutoring, supplemental training towards the formation of good study habits and research proficiency, career guidance, and steering students toward the prudent selection of a college/university that meets their identified career objectives. 


  • Donations

  • Event Volunteers

  • Teachers

  • Event Planners

  • Community Leaders

  • Principals

  • Tutoring

  • After School Providers

  • Venue Sponsors

  • Athletic Partnerships

  • Business Sponsors

  • Computers

  • School Supplies

  • Radio Partners

  • TV Station Partners

  • Retail Store Partners


Student Outreach

The RPCard would like to expand its reach beyond monetary donations and provide resources to assist students in preparing for their future. Initiatives include educational information on the following:


  • Credit Building

  • Banking

  • Checking Accounts

  • Checkbook balancing

  • Fees

  • Saving Accounts

  • Resume Writing

  • Cover letters

  • Interview Techniques

  • Meet and Greet

  • Five Minute Interview

  • Selling Yourself Attire

  • College Preparation

  • FAFSA Filing

  • Non College Preparation

    • Trade Schools

    • Technical Schools

    • Certificate Programs