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The RPCard Foundation

will link with other like-minded foundations to provide dollars to hire and maintain full-time counselors. These counselors along with each student’s teachers and parents will provide academic guidance to ensure each student is moving toward the goals needed to meet the rigorous standards being developed for entry to college; especially math and reading. This includes ensuring students receive tutoring, supplemental training towards the formation of good study habits and research proficiency, career guidance, and steering students toward the prudent selection of a college/university that meets their identified career objectives. 

The RPCard Foundation

is committed to bringing about a change in the minds of students, their parents, and school administrators as it relates to psychology surrounding minorities and the perceived idea that they are lazy and not up to the challenge of elevating their readiness for college and graduate school. We believe the power rests not only with the student but with his/her parents, the HS system, and the perception that they achieve their dreams if they put their minds to it. This means they have to be taught and encouraged at an early age that "education is ongoing."

At The RPCard Foundation we strive for and promote preparedness: in other words, we feel Foundation dollars would better utilized by offering assistance to school administrations to identify and track selected student through their academic journey starting with their entry into HS through pre-graduation. Participating schools would select students based on specific criteria (to be determined) and track each student’s progress at each level of his/her HS journey.


Today my dream has come true, 27 years of hard work has brought me to this point. Today I become Antwon Chavis, MD. Thanks to everyone who has been there for me (family, friends, Popeyes Chicken) I could never be where I am now without you. I look forward to starting my adventure as a pediatrician in Portland Oregon.    Here goes nothing!

Sincerely, Dr. Antwon Chavis