Ohio Branch

Ohio Branch

 RPCard Upcoming Events (Columbus Ohio)

Angela Newsome, June 2014


July 25-27 2014 
3 day Celebrity Gala and Golf fundraiser with NBA Player, Trey Burke in Columbus, Ohio.


July - August 2014 
Creation of the Columbus Ohio branch of the RPCard Educational Roundtable. The Roundtable will establish a local platform for the implementation of educational criteria, linkages to local businesses and individuals willing to make both financial contributions to the Foundations scholastic fundraising endeavors and volunteerism efforts.  The Columbus branch has begun the process of introducing the RPCard Foundation to the philanthropic community and educational institutions in the Columbus metropolitan area.

Student Film Documentary Screening

Angela Newsome June 2014


September - October 2014 – A major fundraiser is in the planning stages in Columbus Ohio at a local venue such as the Old Lincoln Theater or the MLK Center for the Performing Arts.  Plans call for the Columbus community to be introduced to the work of RPCard sponsored students who are completing a major documentary tilted “X” –  “The Lost Generation.”  This documentary is a story that began as a class project. It soon grew into something spectacular that became much more than a class trying to get a good grade.  “X” – “The Lost Generation” is a documentary that tells the stories of students who are the prodigies of parents who abused drugs. It points the audience to the effects that the crack epidemic had on us and the “X” generation. Already a hit in many sectors of the film industry and in Washington DC, the student film/video directors are preparing to showcase their work at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015.