A Message From Our Chairman

The RPCard Foundation Partner's focus centers on supporting and promoting our future leaders.  We strive to provide them the means to seek and take  advantage of higher education opportunities.  In communities around this great Nation we have minority high school students who want to attend  a college or university of thofeir choice, but do not have the monetary means to do so.  It is through organizations like the RPCard Foundation Partnership that will provide these potential leaders the chance to meet that challenge. 

One of the RPCard’s mantras states that “Education is ongoing.”  In a word, we believe that the pursuit of education should not stop upon graduating High School.  It should be boundless!  As parents, as citizens, as businessmen and women, as politicians, and as educational practitioners we should make it our responsibility to instill in our young a commitment to learn and a commitment to pursue higher education objectives.

As Chairman of the Board and a dedicated supporter of the RPCard Foundation Partnership, Inc., I welcome you to this foundation and ask that you support our efforts through your generous contributions. Doing so will assist us  in our continuous effort to ensure minority high school students, who want to attend a college or university of their choice, are able to do so.  Your support of the RPCard Foundation Partnership, Inc. today and into the future is affectionately appreciated.

Best regards,

Malcolm J. Stubblefield


Malcolm J. Stubblefield, A.B.D., M.B.A., M.S