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Dr. Antwon Chavis Graduates-Meharry
Dr. Antwon Chavis Graduates-Meharry

Proud of my son Antwon on his graduation day! Little sister, Aisha Chavis Newsome is also shown in the photo.

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The RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc. is a not for-profit organization.  The RPCard Foundation is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia.


The RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc is charitable organization "steeped in the belief that education is ongoing." Born out of the desire to encourage high school students to pursue  educational success, the RPCard Foundation Partners was founded in 2007 as a lynchpin to garner community support and encourage minority high school students to not only stay in school, but to aim high and achieve educational excellence. 

The RPCard Foundation consists of highly experienced professionals dedicated to helping high school seniors strengthen, improve, and achieve educational prowess. It is our objective to make the attainment of a higher education a reality for minority students though charitable giving in the form of educational scholarships to graduating high school seniors who meet the RPCard Foundation’s scholastic qualification requirements.


Pictured: R. Michael and Angela Newsome RPCard Founders and Actor Antonio Fargas,  "Huggy Bear" - RPCard Celebrity Spokesman.




The mission of the RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc. is to support the educational pursuits of minority college/high school students who desire to pursue higher education challenges, and to meet those challenges head-on through the award of scholastic scholarships to the colleges or universities of their choice.





Our vision is to be a medium through which minority high school students can pursue and obtain a quality education, prepare themselves to meet life challenges, and provide abundant encouragement to give back to their respective communities as they mature to adulthood and beyond.




The goal of the RPCard Foundation is help minority high school seniors make the transition from high school to college.  All too often high school students who want to pursue higher education are discouraged because they lack the finances needed to attend a college or university of their choice. Other obstacles stand in their way such as poor family support or insufficient income to pay for a college education. 

Moreover, many young people give up on their ambitions because the world around them seems so complicated.  Recognizing that there are many grants and financial aid options for students to consider, the reality that often comes to mind to young people and their parents is how to pay back their loans after graduation from college.


Considering the rising cost of education and the prospects for gainful employment after graduating college, small wonder some high school seniors, who possess the grades and academic capacity to attend and graduate college, elect not to further their educational ambitions beyond obtaining a high school diploma.


At the RPCard Foundation, we strive to help students who have the determination to help themselves.  Our efforts are channeled through high school administrators and guidance counselors who are committed to inspiring their students, and to minority students themselves who have higher education aspirations.


With that goal in mind, the RPCard Foundation will award qualified minority high school seniors full/partial scholarships to institutions of higher learning. In so doing, the students will be afforded the opportunity to attend the college or university of their choice unencumbered by tuition concerns or repaying a student loan upon graduation.




At the RPCard Foundation we do not profess to have all the answers as it relates to educational preparedness and its effect on our youth. However, we do know that the manner in which we prepare them today will set the tone for their future. That said, we are aggressively seeking input regarding our mission and initiatives from people of all walks of life be they college/university educators, elementary and high school teachers, school administrators, business and political leaders, parents, students, and the like. Developing a sound strategy and putting it into action is no easy task. We welcome your input! If you are interested in helping us implement new paradigms that will address the educational expectations of our youth as we advance further into the 21st century, we welcome your comments and suggestions, please register below.



Since the RPCard Foundation is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia, our first round of scholarships will be offered to minority high school seniors, and when appropriate to students attending college who face the threat of not graduating due to the inability to meet final tuition costs, all of whom reside in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. The RPCard Foundation projects first round scholarships were awarded in May 2012. Our next round of scholarship awards will be given to three students, one each selected from Washington, D.C., northern Virginia, and Eastern Maryland in July 2014 for the semester starting September 2014.

The RPCard Foundation projects that the awarding of scholarships to qualified students will expand to include more students as philanthropic partnerships continue to grow. We are inspired by the realization that scholarships awarded to each qualified student will allow individual students to attend a secondary educational institution and at minimum obtain a bachelor’s degree.Our scholarship criteria, application process, and additional details can be found under the heading: Scholarship Award Program.





The RPCard Foundation will engage in three fundraisers per year in order to raise awareness of the educational needs of minority students, generate funding, and contribute to the higher education goals of participating students who have their sights set on attending a college or university of their choice by way of a full/partial scholarship.





The RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc. is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization with exempt status as recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. The RPCard Foundation is headquartered in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The corporation was founded on the principles of encouraging and helping minority high school seniors pursue educational excellence by attending a college or university of their choice and graduating with a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent degree in a pre-specified and approved discipline).


Corporate governance is maintained by a Board of Directors that oversees the activities of the organization and continuously offers guidance to the Foundation’s President/CEO in all matters pertaining to operational activities and organizational best practices. The RPCard Foundation Partners, Inc.’s website address is: www.therpcard.com. Additional information about the organization, including, but not limited to, fundraising activities, student activities and blogs can be found at this location.